R-Own Premium Beverage Soda Syrups

R-Own Premium Gourmet "Bag in Box" beverage syrups are made from the same high-quality extracts, flavors and sweeteners used by the name brands, big and small and are blended to produce consistently delicious tasting products. Available in convenient Bag in Box. Packages sizes of 2.5 and 5 gallon are available for most flavors.  Custom private-label beverage development for beverage distributors and restaurants.

Beverage Soda Syrup Flavors

Cola - Classic cola taste.

Diet Soda - Classic soda taste without the calories.

Lemon Up - Refreshing lemon-lime citrus flavor taste.

Root Beer - Classic, distinctive spicy sweet taste.

Ginger Ale - Classic ginger taste.

Grape - Sweet and fruity taste.

Orange - Classic orange flavor.

Tonic - Classic bitter tonic taste.