Frozen Fruit-Juice Smoothy-Smoothie Mix Manufacturer

Fruit Smoothies and Juice Smoothies are an ongoing health trend in the beverage industry that has an instant appeal that keeps customers coming back for more. Fruit smoothies are wildly popular and the perfect addition to your line of frozen beverage products.

We manufacture a full line of 100% Fruit Juice Smoothie mix products for use with a yogurt base. We also have shelf stable smoothie mixes available.

Frozen Fruit Smoothie Flavors:

Berry Blend - A fresh, juicy explosion of berry favorites in one delicious blend.

Cherry * - A jubilee of a classic with the traditional sweet cherry flavor.

Mango * - Not just to be enjoyed during the summer months, this sweet tropical classic can be enjoyed all year round.

Orange - So fresh, it tastes like it was just squeezed with robust citrusy flavor in ever sip.

Peach * - The taste of orchard-fresh peaches picked at the peak of sweetness.

Pina Colada * - A delicious blend of coconut milk and the juice of ripe pineapples.

Raspberry - A classic deep berry flavor burst.

Super Strawberry - Sweet, ripe, sun-kissed summery flavor.

Tropical - A cornucopia of fruity flavors, perfectly blended into tropical harmony.

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