Frozen Drink Mixes

Florida Natural Flavors Is The Leading Frozen Drink Mix Manufacturer

Our Polynesian Pleasure drink mixes are made with real fruit and fruit juices and blended from the freshest fruit, puree and fruit juice to make a refreshingly delightful tropical cocktail that may be served with or without alcohol.

Polynesian Pleasure “Frozen” Drink Mix is specially designed for use in cocktail machines such as Bunn, Frosty Factory, Grind Master to name a few.

Polynesian Pleasure “Blend” Drink Mix allows your customers the flexibility to serve a great tasting frozen drink without the high cost of a cocktail machine. Using this method, drinks can be made in blenders, granita machines and even allows them the option to batch mix their favorite frozen drink flavors.

With over 50 flavors of Frozen Drinks available, our blend mix affords the versatility to make an almost endless variety of frozen drinks. Your customers will be able to design their own house frozen drinks or specialty frozen drinks, limited only by the imagination. Among the flavors available are Strawberry, Pina Colada, Margarita, Wild Berry, Turbo Tangerine, Rum Runner, Caribbean Cocktail and many more as listed below.

Frozen Drink Flavors

Banana - Perfectly ripe, delicious and bananalicious.

Banana Kiwi - Ripe, delicious banana with a sweet, yet tart, kiwi flavor infusion.

Blue Raspberry - A classic deep berry flavor burst.

Caribbean Cocktail - Island perfection with the perfect blend of tropical fruit favorites.

Concord Grape - Fresh from the vine, sweet, fruity taste.

Cran Passion* - Tangy cranberry and luscious passion fruit in one smooth tasting tropical delight.

Cream - Hold the cone for this sweet vanilla ice cream flavor.

Frose* - Refreshing rose’ wine on ice taste.

Guava - Sweet, fragrant and tropical, packed with a punch of juicy tropical flavor.

Green Apple - Orchard fresh tasting classic flavor.

Key Lime* - Tart, tangy and tantalizing.

Kiwi - Sweet, yet tart, kiwi flavor infusion.

Lemonade - Sweet-tart flavored deliciousness (porch swing not included).

Mango - Not just to be enjoyed during the summer months, this sweet tropical classic can be enjoyed all year round.

Mango Passion - Sweet, summery tropical classic combined with luscious passion fruit for the ultimate tropical drink.

Margarita - The perfect sweet-tart balance of lemon, lime and orange juices.

Mixed Berry* - A fresh, juicy mixture of berry favorites in one delicious blend.

Mojito - A sweet, refreshing blend of the islands with lemon and lime juices.

Neon Banana* - Banana electrified into a perfectly ripe, creamy flavor.

Neutral Base - Get the party started in neutral and mix your favorite flavors together to create your own masterpiece.

Orange Cream - So fresh, it tastes like it was just squeezed, blended with silky cream, creating a beloved popsicle-like flavor.

Orange Mango - Fresh squeezed orange taste with sweet tropical classic mango flavor.

Orange Passion* - Tropical orange and passion fruit classic flavor.

Papaya Pineapple* - Sweet, sun-ripened papaya flavor of the tropics with the juice of ripe pineapples.

Passion Fruit - Luscious, sweet and undeniable tropical bliss.

Peach - The taste of orchard-fresh peaches picked at the peak of sweetness.

Pina Colada - A delicious blend of coconut milk and the juice of ripe pineapples.

Pineapple - Juicy, sweet and refreshingly ripe.

Pink Cherry* - A jubilee of a classic with a traditional sweet cherry flavor and sweet pink tropical notes.

Planters Punch - Fruity, slightly sweet and extra delicious with all of your tropical favorite fruit flavors.

Pomegranate - A tart yet sweet fruity infusion.

Raspberry - A classic deep berry flavor burst.

Rum Runner - A tropical delight with the perfect combination of sweet, tropical flavors.

Strawberry - Sweet, ripe, sun-kissed summery flavor burst.

Strawberry Banana - Sweet, ripe, sun-kissed summery strawberries mixed with perfectly ripe, delicious bananas.

Strawberry Passion* - Sweet, ripe, sun-kissed summery strawberries mixed with luscious passion fruit.

Strawberry Supreme - The mac daddy of strawberry drinks with fruit chucks so big a spoon just may be required.

Super Cherry - A jubilee of a classic brimming with cherries.

Turbo Tangerine - Delicious, full of flavor citrus taste.

Watermelon - Refreshingly sweet and bursting with the flavor of summer.

Wild Berry - A scrumptious blend of fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

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